Preventative Care & F.A.Q’s

by Vlad Nucinovisch

Dr. Nusinovich is recognized as a leading provider of preventative care services to his patients. His compassionate approach and dedication to help every patient to get the care they need has made Prestige Medical Center a popular choice among patients of all ages.


What does a preventative exam include?

The first part of your exam includes an evaluation of your health status, including a discussion of any current problems you may be experiencing and a complete health history in order to identify potential risk factors like a family history of heart disease or cancer. These evaluations can help Dr. Nusinovich determine which screening tests to order to screen for possible disease. Once the medical history is complete, the exam itself may include a variety of evaluations and tests, such as:
-blood pressure
-urine or fecal tests
-blood work
-osteoporosis or bone density screening
When tests cannot be performed in the office, Dr. Nusinovich will provide you with a form that you can take to a lab or diagnostic center so you may have them completed there. In some cases, Dr. Nusinovich may order these tests before your appointment so he can review the results with you during your exam. Based on the results of your exam and health screenings, he'll discuss recommendations for treatment or lifestyle changes to help optimize your health.

What is preventative care?

Preventative care includes evaluations and tests that can help prevent you from becoming ill in the future. Its emphasis in on being proactive in response to test results and other indicators, rather than reactive to symptoms and active diseases.

Why is preventative care important?

Preventative care is important not only for ensuring your stay as healthy as possible, but also for screening for undiagnosed conditions that can cause problems in the future. By performing a variety of screening tests, Dr. Nusinovich can spot health issues in their early stages when care and treatment are most effective. Preventative appointments also enable the doctor to establish baseline data that can be used in future visits to monitor for any changes in your health.

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