Lab Tests & F.A.Q’s

by Vlad Nucinovisch

As part of ongoing commitment to providing patients with the most advanced care options, Prestige Medical Center offers a broad range of lab tests performed right on the site, so patients do not have to worry about traveling to an off-site lab.


Why do I need lab tests?

Lab tests may be ordered to help screen for disease, to diagnose illnesses or medical conditions or to manage medical treatment. During your office visit, Dr. Nusinovich will review your health history, evaluate your health and listen to your symptoms to determine which lab tests are best for your specific needs. The most common types of lab tests include blood tests, urinalysis and fecal tests.

What kinds of lab tests are offered?

Dr. Nusinovich offers a wide range of tests depending on each patient's specific needs. Blood tests for many different medical conditions are used in preventive exams and physicals to help screen for different medical conditions, especially when an evaluation has identified risk factors for disease. Other tests can be used to monitor medication use or other treatments to gauge their effectiveness and help manage treatment more effectively. And in other cases, lab work may be ordered to help diagnose disease so an appropriate course of treatment can be established. The doctor will determine the tests you need during your office visit.

What are the advantages of having lab tests performed in the office?

Having lab work like blood tests and urinalysis performed right in the office means you don't have to spend time traveling to a lab or waiting in a lab waiting room, and it also means Dr. Nusinovich will have access to your results more quickly so treatment can begin sooner. Many patients find the ability to have lab tests performed on site a very convenient option, and they also appreciate knowing the doctor will have access to the results as soon as they're available.

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