Flu Shots & F.A.Q’s

by Vlad Nucinovisch

Here at Prestige Medical Center we provide patients with confidential, compassionate care for all their health needs, including offering flu shots, so patient can stay healthy and prevent the spread of potentially serious disease.


Why should I have a flu shot?

The most obvious reason is that getting a shot can prevent you from coming down with the flu and experiencing all the aches, fever and other symptoms it entails. But there are other advantages; flu can cause other more serious conditions to develop, including pneumonia. Keeping the flu at bay means you don't risk developing those other conditions as a result. Plus, getting a vaccine can prevent you from spreading the flu to other people.

What are the side effects of a flu shot?

You may have some soreness or swelling at the injection site, and some patients may experience some general achiness or low-grade fever as your body ramps up its production of antibodies in response to the flu vaccine. These effects are temporary and usually last for no more than a day or two.

Can I have the nasal spray instead?

The nasal spray is generally reserved for the elderly or for very young patients, or for those who are unable to have an injection. However, you should tell your doctor ahead of time if you have an allergy to eggs since some shots are developed using eggs.

Can the flu shot make me ill?

No; as noted, the shot may cause some soreness in the area of the injection and it may also cause some mild achiness or low-grade fever, but it will not cause you to come down with the flu.

Is the flu shot 100% effective?

No; flu can be caused by different strains of the influenza virus. Flu shots are developed to ward off a specific strain. Each year, health experts determine which strain is likely to be most prevalent, and then develop vaccines based on that strain. The flu shot can help prevent you from becoming infected y that strain, but you may still become infected by strains not affected by the vaccine.

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